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Ed Dames Post-Art-Bell-Interview Chat Log (1 of 1)

Wednesday November 26, 1997

Following his interview on the Art Bell show Ed Dames answered questions in his chat room.

"Deus-ex" = Ed Dames


*** Deus-ex has joined #chat1

[ChatBot] Welcome's Deus-ex to PSI TECH Chat!

*** monkeypod sets mode: +v Deus-ex

[Deus-ex] (machina, that is...)

[Deus-ex] maxed out on doom and gloom

* ChatBot tells the serious q' to be asked now..

[monkeypod] ok everyone we will take turns with questions

*** monkeypod sets mode: +m

[ChatBot] Deus-ex is really Ed Dames

[monkeypod] Alex do you have a question?

[ChatBot] we have to tell them ..Ed or they won't be serious

[Alex] yes

[Deus-ex] shoot

[Alex] What is the time line for the solar events?

*** monkeypod sets mode: +v Diana

[Deus-ex] possible precursor less than 1 month, critical event April 99

[monkeypod] Andes your turn

[Andes] for what?

[monkeypod] do you have a question?

[Verde] next

[Deus-ex] your turn to burn

[Andes] ... where can you go if you want to stay alive?

* ChatBot buzzes around

[Deus-ex] Use TRV on the search term "sanctuary"

[ChatBot] Technical Remote Viewing is a skill to learn how to access direct knowledge from
the collective unconscious. The correct protocols are taught only by PSI TECH.

[monkeypod] Arioch your turn

[Arioch] Deus-ex: In light of all the catastrophic events to unfold what possible impact could
project Starman make if it is successful. How could it be productive towards our survival? If it
fails how could it make things worse?

[Deus-ex] We are "Homo sapiens" ... survivor's progeny will be "Homo noeticus" (the knowing

[Deus-ex] from the "sentient man" to the "knowing man"

[Deus-ex] (+ a hybrid race)

[Art] is Montana safe

[Deus-ex] down under

[Deus-ex] bad day at Black Rock

[monkeypod] Badday your turn

[Deus-ex] I'm a vegan, too

[BadDay] Still recovering frow what I just heard.....NEXT

[monkeypod] mcdonalds yer turn

[Big_Mac] What scientific proof is there that anything said will actually occur? If we find no
plant pathogens is the big event off too?

[Deus-ex] If no Korea nuke, good chance other events are bogus

[monkeypod] Charlie your turn

[Charlie] I have many Q's 1st--] how do you break the cell walls of chlorella in the conditions
You're mentioning

[ChatBot] food for the future!

[Deus-ex] with your teeth

[Verde] next

[Deus-ex] Whoa, a little crowded in here...

[Deus-ex] I teach TRV on PSI TECH's BBS each day.

[Mantog] legend has it that the aincients stored technolgy and other knowledge in places like the
so called Atlantean Hall of records and the other repositories around the world. Has anyone
remote viewed these?

[Deus-ex] That would be what we term a "topical search" -- we make no prior assumptions that
the "Atlantean Hall" is real, so we explore the topic first, with a series of TRV probes.

[Mazamet] What quality makes Polynesia the place to be vs anywhere else?

[Deus-ex] If the TRV probe turns up an actual edifice, off we go...

[Deus-ex] STARMAN dictates that I be there to "baby-sit"

[Deus-ex] Project STARMAN concerns itself with new life and new life forms. (contact)

[Nolalee] Could you solar flares indicate another happening??

[Deus-ex] Nolalee: What, other than frying?

[Deus-ex] The net effect is that we fry.

[Deus-ex] unless prepared

[Deus-ex] set up a "shelter" underground

[Pele] how far underground?

[Diana] Is there any type of material that would be preferred? Ie concrete?

[Deus-ex] Not sure yet, possibly 20 feet -- hopefully not 200'

[Ruby] could you be more specific about the tornado/tornados in the Midwest? what states and
when if you know?

[Deus-ex] We will remote view the survivors, to determine how deep they are (we can use TRV
to see how deep we, ourselves, will actually be...I plan upon surviving)

[Saturna] Ed, you state on the show that the end of the world as we know it is NIGH and there is
nothing that could intervene or change this future. Do you claim that your remote viewing tapes
offer the average whomever a greater chance of survival? What drives you to go on Art Bell?
Tape sales or concern or ???... Honest question. Honest answer?

[ChatBot] Module 2.0 is 4 (2 hr) training tapes in Intermediate to advanced TRV - due out Dec.

[Deus-ex] Saturna: My former board of directors (all scientists) demanded that I not go on Art
Bell, that I not talk about our data on ETs, and that I not discuss doom and gloom. They wanted
to make me into a Tony Robbins -- Ophra, etc -- mainstream American market.

[Deus-ex] So, I did the right thing.

[Deus-ex] I fired them.

[Scarry] if 85% of the worlds population dies from the pathogen why should we care about the
solar activity...I quess my question is will the solar activity apply to the suvivors of the pathogen

[Deus-ex] Double whammy -- pathogen + radiation burst

[Shabon] Except shelter and community, what do you recommend as a most important focus for
personal evolution and or survival.

[Diana] At this time, is it possible to elaborate on the tornado(s), that you mentioned in this
evenings Art Bell Broadcast?

[Deus-ex] Sharon: spiritual perception

[Deus-ex] Diana: US Midwest -- the mother of all tornados

[Sky] Ed, will the bicameral mind shift towards the unconscious at the discontinuity?
Personally, Godspeed on your endeavors.

[Diana] Is there an approximate time frame, for the tornados to begin?

[Deus-ex] Sky: it will shift towards stasis

[Deus-ex] Diana: soon

[Diana] Thank you Ed..

[Spock] Could HAARP have caused the near miss on Earth of the recent Solar flare & could this
be its purpose--assuming the Gov't has prior knowledge?

[Deus-ex] Spock: no

[Synch] Major Dames, Has PSI Tech trained any LAPD personnel in remote viewing? I for one
would like to learn. My beliefs in RV and ufology and the like are causing me great problems at
work.....rigid department....maybe it'll change.

[Deus-ex] Synch: Learn it, but don't talk about it at work -- just be the "smartest guy in the

[trucker] Is the govt. still employing the use of TRV.? (Great show Art ! )

[Deus-ex] trucker: (I ain't Art) Nope. Threw the baby out with the bathwater.

[Diana] Ed, others are asking me to inquire if at this time you can mention potential states that
could/will be effected by the tornados. Other than just midwestern United States.

[Deus-ex] We don't have a timeline on the Long Valley Caldera, but it will involve a lot of
steam mixed with ash (when it erupts) and does not appear to take human life.

[yo-yo] Any TRVing thoughts about alien contact and when the world will find out there's other
life out there? Killer show too :-)

[Deus-ex] yo-yo: I don't think that we'll have "ground truth" until after the cataclysm.

[Deus-ex] Except for possible images of Martian artificial structures.

[Verde] Has anyone been left out that would like to ask a Question?

[Verde] ?

[monkeypod] ok Verde........i'll brb...

*** monkeypod is now known as monkeypodafk

[Verde] ok

[Diana] Ed, others are asking me to inquire if at this time you can mention potential states that
could/will be effected by the tornados. Other than just midwestern United States.

[Deus-ex] Diana: no, not yet.

[Verde] Ok I have a Question

[Deus-ex] shoot

[Diana] Thank you Ed..

[Verde] What is the correct Cue to target this solar event?

[Deus-ex] Earth/next cataclysm

[Diana] Sky your question?

[Deus-ex] or Discontinuity/source

[Verde] ok

[Diana] Alex, your question?

[Alex] I TRVed the sun once, it was one of my better sessions, afterwards I was told not to, Why

[Deus-ex] Alex: got me

[Diana] Ed, do you wish to continue with questions at this time?

[Verde] Joni will you answer a trv Q after?

[Pele] of course!

[Verde] ok

[Diana] Ed, here is another question. When a remote viewer is targeting a dream how should
that be cued? Second, if the dream is of a lifeform, will you get a lifeform Gestalt?

[Verde] If you're targeting if the person actually exists

[Deus-ex] Diana: If it's the viewer's own dream then: last night's dream/seed

[Arioch] Deus-ex: If after mastering module 2.0 I decide to remote view your new location and
follow would my assistance be welcomed? Would I be welcomed into the "community' or
should I leave you alone? I appreciate you taking the time to communicate in this forum. Thank
you! Great show too. :)

[Deus-ex] Arioch: If you find me, you would be welcome.

[Diana] Art, your turn...

[ChatBot] ChatBot has a q about milk & meat...

[Deus-ex] don't eat them@!

[Verde] Ed

[Deus-ex] go

[Verde] If you are trying to discern whether the person in this dream exists and you get a LFD
ideo does that mean they do?

* ChatBot wonders about water now

[Diana] AssAssin you are next..

[Deus-ex] Verde: "man in dream" (notice the topical search, i.e., ") -- that's all -- let unc. take it
from there.

[Deus-ex] But, you don't have the skills yet.

[Verde] ok but if you produce a LF gestalt does that automatically mean they exist?

[BadDay] Ed, You mentioned "going under" in a way I took to mean under the sea, how is this
possible, secret complex? surplus Russian submarine?

* ChatBot hopes someone is logging this

[Big_Mac] What if this source that TRV taps into is actually either a conscious thought pattern
and thus only reliable with events that we MAKE happen, or more ominously, a source that is
projecting this to steer us in the wrong direction.. (The serpent is the cleverest of all earth's
creatures.) Do you watch out for this, and are you prepared for a possible "duped" scenario?

[Deus-ex] secret place

[Deus-ex] Big_Mac: controls are too rigorous

[Ian] On Dreams Ed: Particularly Precognitive Dreams...I have had one instance of a lucid
dream where I was in control of many of the "dream" functions which later would occure in
physical space/time...could PSI-TECH RV this event in its initial stage (as a lucid Precognitive
Dream) and in it's later physical stage when it occurred?

[Deus-ex] Ian: What's the question/goal -- must be concisely articulated.

[Deus-ex] Andes: North Korea will employ a missile with a nuclear warhead against the South

[Deus-ex] Probably this winter

[Diana] Bill do you have a question?

[Charlie] when will you know the details of the shelters that you're describing and will northern
AZ be good

* ChatBot encourages all newbies to get into the PSI TECH BB

[Deus-ex] Charlie: right now, all that we know is that caves/caverns or mines are deep enough
to be shelters.

[Dante] in what way was this event "blocked" from trv? who was doing the blocking?

[Deus-ex] Dante: "blocked" was Art's term

[DaveA] Diana...I have had precognitive dreams that are conflicting with what was said on the
Art Bell show. How is this possible?

[Deus-ex] We couldn't interpret/analyze the data, at first, because it was so strange -- no pattern
like that in our experience.

[Deus-ex] DaveA: you are special

[GemStar] I could not hear Art Bell show, will there be a transcript?

[GemStar] Will there be a transcript of last night's show?

[Deus-ex] Gemstar: yes

[Mazamet] When the nuke subs surface they will assume WWIII and launch. So much for your

[Deus-ex] false premise

[Ody] You have said that smoking pot can effect RV. How about smoking tobacco?

[Deus-ex] Ody: not that we have seen

[Opeysheart] Why haven't you told us just who is the intelligence behind these reputed
antibiotics ala Plant Pathogen and now Solar Flares, and who exactly are these 'intelligences'?
Are they mortal beings like humans? Or celestial (heavenly) beings?

[Deus-ex] They are not mortal.

[Saturna] According to your research, is there life on Mars at this time. Intelligent life. Are those
really pyramids and a face? Sure look like it to me. What do you think of Hoagland's research?

[Scarry] Deus, how can I (a young man who only makes 15,000 a year) protect myself other than
the TRV. tapes . I would like to organize with others is that possible here as a part of your site?
for people like me who don't have the resources (money) to build shelters or communities of like
minded people I WANT TO SURVIVE!!!

[Sky] Ed, would a group of ( 3 to 6) TRV'ers synergistically provide better data than two
Remote Viewers working in concert?

[Deus-ex] Merle: all events are "lined up" in the Matrix (collective unconscious); we use TRV
to turn our attention to a vector address -- one of those spaces

[Deus-ex] Scarry: good start

[Deus-ex] Sky: no, much better to work solo, and then compare results.

[spock] Are you going to RV the book of Revelation of the Bible?

[Synch] RV enables you to access the collective unconscious. (Carl Jung's term) Do
synchronistic (another Jung term) experiences have any significance in your world as a remote

[Deus-ex] spock: no, out of time

[Deus-ex] Synch: not as a remote viewer

[Deus-ex] Saturna: ?

[Deus-ex] shoot

[Saturna] According to your research, is there life on Mars at this time. Intelligent life. Are those
really pyramids and a face? Sure look like it to me. What do you think of Hoagland's research?

[Deus-ex] Saturna: The features are indeed artificial (i.e., "man-made"). We have focused
primarily upon the structure that in popular literature is call the "Tetrahedron."

[Deus-ex] (in the Cydonia region)

[BENt] A deeper statement, question, and comment that won't fit in one short sound bite... will
try 3 shorter lines?

[BENt] Ed, I may have seen other times, and 1,000,000+ timeline years is not out of line, but the
history is interplanetary and much deeper in technical history, not to mention the diverse and at
times difficult periods of many other related civilizations... ,

[BENt] what have you seen or established evidence of about our greater prior star faring history
as a species, if anything, that may be making 'us' culpable to current circumstances in view of
some off-worlders? ,

[Deus-ex] BENt: I'm just a simple soldier. That picture is way too big for me to digest...or even
care to contemplate.

[Deus-ex] Just following orders....

[Deus-ex] From one boss..

[bill3] Tonight's info seems to negate all of Gordon Scallion's predictions, i.e. total destruction
instead of a "mere" tectonic rearrangement... is that true?

[Deus-ex] {Moderators: Thanks for the great job}

[Diana] Thank you Ed for your time...

[Deus-ex] bill3: We call it like we view it (you will too)

[Charlie] after all this what do you see ?

[Deus-ex] Charlie: a new day

[GemStar] Do the"immortals" have mass or energy? - Are they Good or Evil relative to our

[Deus-ex] GemStar: not Evil

[luxan] Greet'gs - Is Hawaii a safe place during & after the changes?

[Deus-ex] luxan: parts, yes

[Deus-ex] luxan: are you there, now?

[Max] How long will the Earth be dead?

[luxan] will we be able to communicate w/the US mainland?

[luxan] from Hawaii

[Deus-ex] Max: possibly 2 years

[Deus-ex] luxan: which island?

[luxan] Big Island

[Deus-ex] luxan: what town?

[luxan] above Kona

[Deus-ex] I know the Big Island well.

[luxan] It's beautiful - do we need to be @ a higher elevation above Kona?

[luxan] Great - I should get the tape(s) soon.

[Deus-ex] No, join me in the South Point Bar and Grill -- we'll drink heavily, and never feel the
Big One

[Diana] Oh that is a nice Bar.. Cathie and I were there.. :)

* Diana grins at Ed....

[luxan] All Right!

[Opeysheart] You have said that the intelligence behind the "antibiotics" are not mortal. Are you
saying that supermortal agents of divine goodness (heavenly beings) are orchestrating these
cataclysmic events?

[Deus-ex] I don't know about "divine goodness" -- seems like there just carrying out an edict, or

[Saturna] What is the most important piece of information you feel the teeming masses should

[Deus-ex] Saturna: prayer

[scarry] Ed I am a vegetarian but I can't give up cheese to become a vegan ... was it hard for you
? great show tonight and thanks for the chat! please add me my ice 709289 I want to
organize ---------- Also is the false prophet alive at this time if so where is he/she?

[Deus-ex] and beer...

[Sky] Ed, is lateral thinking ("Po") cohesive with proper TRV protocols? Have you or any
TRV'ers employed lateral thinking processes in target analysis?

[Deus-ex] scarry: cheese was difficult (I eat the "cheesarella" now)

[Deus-ex] Sky: no

[spock] Just following orders.... from one boss...Who is ur boss?

[Deus-ex] God

[VeganEric] Ed, will you post all psi-tech TRV predictions the web site? Based on the
predicted dates of occurrence.

[Deus-ex] (oooops, I said the "G" word....)

[Deus-ex] VeganE: see the BBS

[spock] what did you get about the tetrahedron, Cydonia?

[Deus-ex] spock: some of the most fascinating data that I have ever acquired in my 15 years of
remote viewing.

[BadDay] This may sound freaky BUT, here it goes! It was channeled to me to view Art's show
tonight, I was compelled to find the netcast URL (for Art's Show) last week, I found out why as I
tuned into Ed's interview at the beginning with tape rolling (I quit a project and rushed home and
logged on for reasons I have no explanation for) Ed you ARE doing the "right thing" (going
public) .... THANK YOU! ... I've got to go freak out some more now...Thanks, TVMike, 1s

[BENt] Wish you well in seeing a clearer picture of our collective connectivity into events of
this stellar locality, as they may exist. Some things in all of this seem so 'matter of fact' and
direct; a simple applied science of a high ordered sort, I hope for the best possible for all.
That's life...?

[Verde] hehe

[Deus-ex] BENt: It's a whole lot simpler just to listen to God.

[bill3] Is any of this involved with the idea of the twelfth planet idea? (me too: ice #4627574)

[Deus-ex] bill3: no

[Charlie] when will you be posting about the solar phenomena

[Deus-ex] BENt: doesn't make life easier, just simpler...

[Deus-ex] Charlie: when we get the depths (survival) worked out

[Ian] I have to go sleep soon, Just wanted to say Thanks Ed and I love you and stuff...:) I love all
of you, I wish you the best in all we experience! Oh, How do you define God? hehe...that is a
meaty topic! :P

[Deus-ex] Ian: God cannot be defined.

[luxan] Will we be able to communicate w/the mainland (from Hawaii) after the event?

[luxan] will we b able to communicate w/t mainland after the event?

[Deus-ex] God is the only thing in the universe that is self-defined...solipsistically speaking

[Deus-ex] luxan: not certain

[Deus-ex] luxan: you may not want to communicate with the mainland

[Opeysheart] Do you believe the Urantia Book is a revelation from heaven?

[Deus-ex] Opeysheart: Whatever it is, it is heavy duty.

[Saturna] Is there a tenth planet? or More?

[luxan] Will sailing (we've got a large boat) be practical after the event?

[Deus-ex] Saturna: never used that as a TRV search term

[Saturna] Is Santa Claus real? :)

[Deus-ex] luxan: if the boat survives

[Diana] Verde, your question?

[Deus-ex] Saturna: different things to different people

[Diana] Verde,

[Deus-ex] unlike a discrete target

[Verde] Ed how many people were given this target to view and when the event happens will
there be much pain to the victims ?

[Deus-ex] Verde: about 15 viewers -- don't know about the pain ("haven't got time for the
pain..." -- Carlie Simon)

[scarry] you have talked about the false prophet on art's show before anymore info as to who
/what it is and when it will arrive or maybe it has? most importantly how it will achieve power?

[Verde] well did the viewers perceive any

[Deus-ex] scarry: money

[Sky] Ed, have you any plans to open LOC's (Lines of Communication) with the TRV
community? If not what would your suggestion be to those in the TRV microcosm who need to
interconnect and share data.

[Deus-ex] Sky: use this site, as long as it is up

[Deus-ex] it will self-organize

[Deus-ex] and spin off into daughter sites

[luxan] When will the net go down?

[ChatBot] Never Never!!!

[Verde] :)

[Deus-ex] luxan: for awhile, during the precursor event...permanently after the big shot

* ChatBot spins back

* ChatBot will invent a new way!

[Diana] Ed, is it currently known, if the next (i.e.: December), solar flare will cut down

[BENt] God ]] Infinity++ ]] LifeOneValuesEternally? {strange} Internet ]?] INNERnet?

[Deus-ex] Diana: when the precursor event happens (possibly as early as next month) it will
shut down communications for awhile

[Diana] Thank you Ed...

[Deus-ex] But the big one will shut down life

[luxan] What elevation would be about right on the Big Island to be before the event?

[Deus-ex] You'll have warning -- (lava tubes)

[luxan] Will we have serious lava extrusion that will go West towards Kona?

[Deus-ex] No -- I meant find a lava tube...

[Diana] Ed, is there currently any other data from PSITECH related to Earth Changing events?
Previously mentioned, tornados, and solar flares...

[Ian] Have you tried to TRV the Urantia Book's writers, or bringers of that knowledge? Origin
or anything like that...or did you just read it and go...Wow...that's heavy...Heavy Duty ;P I read it
in 4 days...and I brain melted and oozed a little for a few weeks over it...hehe.

[Deus-ex] Ian: Midwayers

[Deus-ex] Ian: then just read the last third (life of Christ)

[Deus-ex] much easier reading

[Diana] Ed, please briefly explain Midwayers, for those who are unaware...\

[Deus-ex] "Creatures" that are "midway" between man and angel

[Deus-ex] they are of this place

[VeganEric] Ed, congrats on your veganism. D'ya like chlorella? What about worms?

[Deus-ex] PSI TECH's senior partners on Project STARMAN

[Deus-ex] keep the worms

[Deus-ex] I'd rather starve

[Verde] was Tom Gayniers "Captain" a midwayer?

[Deus-ex] or suck on stones

* Diana mentions to all interested... Chlorella is actually good. I like it...

[Deus-ex] yes

* Diana hides ....

[Verde] Why is he so freaked out?

[Saturna] I've got to go now, but I'll ask one more.. The standard question.. What will become of
the Pacific Northwest especially the Willamette Valley (Valley of Death as the natives called it)
in Oregon.

[Deus-ex] Saturna: I have no idea. You need to learn TRV, or have someone with the skills run:
(your name)/sanctuary

[scarry] will you except trv's (us) as guest in you hideout...and together build a community

[Deus-ex] It's not a "hideout"

[Diana] Ed, at this time, can you explain the Starman Project for those that are unaware?

[Deus-ex] no

[Sky] Will the communications satellites be affected by the flares, and will the Global
Positioning Indicators (GPI) latitude/longitude be askew afterwards (Pole Shift?)?

[Deus-ex] deals with the introduction of new life and new life forms

[Deus-ex] Sky: forget them

[Deus-ex] It is interesting that Joni Dourif (PSI TECH VP) ex husband (Brad Dourif) plays the
scientist in Alien Resurrection who recreates Sigourney Weaver from her DNA.

[monkeypod] rofl

[ChatBot] Rolling on the Floor Laughing!

[Deus-ex] Talk about synchronicity

[monkeypod] oh I have to see that

[Diana] Really? I did not know that Ed...

[Deus-ex] Yes

[BENt] What can one say?... get house in order

[BENt] pass

[bill3] Gurdjieff spoke of the sun (and all stars) as truly conscious beings of a higher order. Is
this blast to come perhaps simply proceeding from the intelligence and will of the sun itself?

[Deus-ex] bill3: I've been pondering that

[Charlie] how many people do you have in your hide?

[monkeypod] lol

[ChatBot] Laugh Out Loud!

[Deus-ex] I think that it is worth researching (TRV)

[Diana] Ed, has PSITECH Rved data concerning a pole shift? If so, is there anything one can do
to prepare for it?

[Deus-ex] Charlie: just me and my cat

[Deus-ex] Diana: no, we have not TRVed topic of pole shift

[Diana] Thank you Ed...

[Ian] Miswayers are cool Ed, and I do believe I met with at least 4 of them when I was
15...mind you my life has never been the same since then...go figure :/ And after this, I am outta a dream garden to plant while catching some Zzz', light and tones of laughter!
You ROCK Ed! Love your work!

[Deus-ex] But, I assume that a very big electromagnetic 'whack' could certainly induce one.

[Deus-ex] Ian: pleasant dreams

[Opeysheart] Ed, are you aware that, according to The URANTIA Book, planets inhabited with
mortal beings are safeguarded and watched over by a myriad of celestial beings all of whom are
devoted to the plan of the eventual ushering of each planet into the Age of Light and Life? ... that
such heavenly agencies never intentionally wreak geophysical havoc upon the mortal races?

[Deus-ex] Opeysheart: Mother Spirit = Earth ] ghiacide

*** monkeypod sets mode: +v elcat

[elcat] Good morning all !

[elcat] everything go well ?

[Verde] yes

[Verde] did u sleep?

[elcat] Kewl :-)

[Verde] hey Bill

[Opeysheart] What is that crap... "Ghiacide"?

[elcat] yeah I causght a couple of hours :-)

[Verde] ok

[Verde] lucky

[Deus-ex] Our Mother -- the one we "crapped" on

[elcat] on my way to work... see you guys all later... Be well !

[Verde] later

[Deus-ex] Where is its 'saviour?'

[Deus-ex] No Garden, no future people.

[Saturna] There are ancient Sumerian writings in the area of 6000yrs old that describe the
pyramids and sphinx as basically being there at that time.. Which sort of puts the Egyptians out
of the picture. Has your team looked into this?

[Scarry] you mentioned that a world leader would die but never released it ...who is it?

[Sky] Besides prayer, TRV and our intrinsic values, what would follow in importance after

[Deus-ex] A little. There was an advanced civilization (culture), the remnants of whom were
scattered to the four winds...took math and science knowledge with them and rebuilt the best
they could, tried to teach as much as they could pass along.

[Deus-ex] scarry: key U.S. leader

[Deus-ex] Sky: food and water

[VeganEric] Is there a GIF Map of safe areas away from this Solar Flare?

[Deus-ex] V.E.: no safe areas above ground

[Diana] Verde, your question?

[Verde] huh?

[Diana] Do you have one?

[Verde] no

[Diana] Monkey?

[monkeypod] Deus, have you attempted to notify that leader about your data?

[Deus-ex] Cannot

[Diana] Clueless, do you have a question?

[monkeypod] okie dokie

[Deus-ex] gotta get some zzzzs

[BENt] This 'earth room' appeared as one small fold in the timeline's film playing in the
projector room of an overshadowing 'energy field virtual(?) place'...?

[Diana] Thank you Ed for your time.....

[monkeypod] good night Ed

[Diana] Sleep well Ed... Good night...

*** monkeypod sets mode: -m

[clueless] goodnight Ed

[Deus-ex] BENt: flush that Prozac down the toilet

[clueless] thank you for all your information

[clueless] happy thanksgiving

[billm] yes, Happy thanksgiving

[Diana] Yes, Happy Holidays Ed... And thanks Again....

[scarry] when will the leader get it!! thanks for the chat session

[Deus-ex] God save us all....

[BENt] maybe..?

[bill3] Thank you

*** Deus-ex has quit IRC (Deus-ex )

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