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Ed Dames chat #3- March 5, 1998

"They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM" = Ed Dames

"Pele" = Joni Dourif

*** They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM has joined #Chat1

[peapod] Ed....what do you think of Dale's interview so far?

*** Pele sets mode: +o They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Dale's innocuous

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] We've had our bad days together, but I like him.

[sonic] isn't a gaff a sexual device?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] fish hook

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] big one

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] for big fish

*** Pele changes topic to ""Doom & Gloom - Part 1""

[chad] Ed, are you ever apprehensive about ET's coming?

* Pele snickers

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] no, in fact, Pele is pregnant with one right now

* Pele slaps Dr. Doom with a gallon of pickle ice cream

[BENt] Ed, are we all in a synthetic reality fish bowl for our own safety right now, that our human ego/power illness doesn't spread too easily maybe?

[chad] Ed, do you think that the Et's who are coming will respect our freewill?

*** Pele sets mode: +o peapod

*** Pele sets mode: +o Squeaky

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Our will will be broken by the time they arrive.

[Paul_Atreides] Jesus that's depressing.

[sonic] do they come in the midst of the out years? before? after?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Take it up with Mother Earth

[Squeaky] has the pathogen landed?

[chad] Then, is their a conflict automatically between our culture and theirs?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Squeak: we are checking weekly; as of last week, still inbound (I overestimated speed at .5 million miles/day)

[Paul_Atreides] Ooooo, wow.

[tingting] why use a pathegon?

[Diver] Ed, have you already moved to Hawaii?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Our field office is there.

[thend] can rv be compared to meditation?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] PSI TECH's administrative offices will remain in Beverly Hills

[sonic] How comfy should we be with mod 2 (i.e., % accurate) before we start trying unverifiable targets?

[Paul_Atreides] I have heard a lot of talk about how we will survive what's coming, what are your plans for survival in terms of satisfying basic needs once you move to Tahiti?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: if you do work unverifable targets, do it as a team, and institute controls

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Tahiti?

[Paul_Atreides] French Polynesia.

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] French?

[Squeaky] will u publish the cues used in the recent Iraq sessions?

[Paul_Atreides] Polynesia:-P

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Squeaky: ready to copy?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Iraq/hidden biological weapons/present time] 2707/0499

[Squeaky] and to learn more abot proper cues

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Remember, Squeak, this is a 'project' -- not a 'target'

* Pele pokes tingting (who claims to be bored with TRVing) & needs new targets

[peapod] Ed, what is stage six?

[Paul_Atreides] Mr. Dames, did I get those destinations wrong, it wasn't French Polynesia?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] that is when the viewer's brain turns to jello

[peapod] that's what i thought :p

[Pele] hehehe..

[wildfire] See: FM

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Polynesia

[peapod] hehe

[Pele] poor pea,..

[tingting] how are we supposed to verify the area where the chemicals r?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] tingting: Do you think that this is a neophyte's project?

[Pele] I'll help u with S6 when you get really good at S4, movements and the Idea Template

* tingting rolls her eyes

[peapod] thank you (((pele)))

[thend] Ed, what do you do for entertainment?

* Pele snickers

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] I like to work out.

* Pele sits & waits for this answer

[Pele] spoon to mouth from ice cream gallon?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] run, bike, weights mostly

[Pele] water bottles

[chad] Ed, is it ok to make a flow chart of the TRV session process?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] chad: What's wrong with the checklist?

* Pele sips her hot chocolate

[thend] Can RV be compared to meditation

[chad] nothing...

* Pele coughs

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] thend: nope, not at all

[tingting] I have a Question

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] shoot

[thend] ah ha

[thend] does anything compare

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] nope

[Pele] o/me looks at ting

[tingting] in S2 I start I know it sounds funny but spaceing out getting distracted ghow can I stop this?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] tingting: move faster

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] much faster

[tingting] ok

[Pele] thats normal Jordy..

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] more self-discipline

[tingting] is it?

[Pele] u shud have asked me..

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] especially in Stage 4

[Squeaky] can one go 2 fast?

[tingting] so its like your overwhelmed

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Squeak: only in S1

[sonic] what was the last questions before "especially in stage 4?"

[tingting] and your systems shuts down?

[tingting] kind of

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: people sometimes get 'spacy'

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] their pen stops moving

[Diver] Ed, help please! If the target is a mountain, and the ideogram is of water, then I'm not doing it right, right?

[Pele] declare your AOL's in S2 if need be

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] and they loose the signal line

[Pele] don't hang on to them as that was shuts you down

[Pele] Diver "NO"

[thend] What is deja vu?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Diver: the only way to know if you are on target is to compare your finished session work with the training feedback -- forget about what the ideogram looks like.

* Pele slaps Diver around a bit with a large trout

[Pele] there!

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] thend: like in, "De ja view da Statue of Liberty?"

[Visitor] Hello? may I humbly submit just one little question? :o)

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Visitor: shoot

[Visitor] Just wondering if anyone is aquainted with Dale Graff who as most of you have probably heard, is on Art tonight

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] I've known him many years.

[Squeaky] how is the timeline(eventline) looking for the korean nuke event?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] He is an honest, genuine, and humble man.

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] The opposite of me.

* Pele coughs N gags

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Squeak: N. Korea runs out of food in April

[sonic] I don't think so? hmmm.. You're not charging money for it, and certainly the output wattage is very low.

[Visitor] Thanks for the response! It seems as though he is being somewhat evasive and is avoiding the more "contoversial" issues. Would I be correct in that assumption?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Visitor: he is trying not to tread upon classified information, and he is remaining tactful

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] We used to call him "The Nutty Professor"

[Visitor] That would explain it. Thanks again. Won't bother you anymore.

[Pele] his hair stands up on end

[sonic] doom: have you even accidentally let out classified information over the radio, but (obviously) didn't tell anyone it was classified?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] But, he is a RESEARCHER

[sonic] even=ever

[Pele] NO SONIC Ed would NEVER do that!!!!!!

* Pele shudders

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] BENt: in epistemological terms, it is not merely new knowledge, but new forms of knowledge

[sonic] Not obviously being in a situation where I KNOW what it's like to know classified info, I'd imagine dealing with it everyday one might easily let it slip or something if one is not careful

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: actually, when you deal with it every day, it doesn't slip

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] you become very sensitized

[chad] How do we produce energy in the outyears?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Someone brings us a new form of technology.

[sonic] If I wanted to prevent a computer password from curious TRVers, should I make is a nonsense alphanumeric sequence, as opposed to a tangible idea?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: absolutely

[chad] Well, bed-time. Thanks for your time, Ed. See all you other guys and gals "next/chat session/chad/*yourself*

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] chad: We'll all be remote viewing you while you sleep -- pleasant dreams

* peapod cackles

*** Pele sets mode: +o They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM

[sonic] So ed: if fugure generations are to regard RV as second nature, will the RV procedure be somehow less "taught as a technique" and more "taught like reading" where it becomes so natural that noone really thinks about it? How would it be taught this way?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] wrought, just like multiplication tables in elementary school

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] supported by a different pardigm

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] paradigm

[thend] Howa bout a language in the home?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] early years

[Diver] Ed, is 7,000 feet to high, when the solar event comes along, or should I find a cave lower? I know you said you'd be below sea level.

[sonic] that would imply that once a person learns it as a normal part of the education process, that people would basically have direct knowledge, right? I mean if you make it so that people don't require the paper, the stages, the technique, and jsut know how to plug-in, isn't that what we're talking about?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Diver: we don't know yet

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: yes

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] but, it must be a standard language

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] in whatever form it eventually takes

[sonic] ed: do you see this as the point when humans and ets will be more direct with each other? All the people who talk about ets as if they knew them say the communicate telepathically and are basically plugged in already.

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: don't know

[Diver] Ed have you ever heard of a military clearance: Cosmic Top Secret? Or is that fiction, or could you not tell us if you knew?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] fiction

[sonic] ed; do you expect the news media to catch on to the tapes soon? How do you imagine RV making the transition to the mainstream?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: it will happen, soon

[Paul_Atreides] I very strongly suspect that TRV is real. I'm one of those that just has to do it before I completely have faith in its existence but I'm not going to do much in the way of changing my life around in preparation for these predictions until that freakin' nuke hits!

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] we have purposely held back

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Paul: good plan

[wildfire] ED: Do you foresee infomercials where you wear a gaudy bright red bowtie?

[Squeaky] held back what?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Squeak: held back from mainstream

[Diver] I'm inclined to believe in TRV and in PSI TECHs results. I just wish I had more results with TRV!

[Pele] tingting is selling her tapes *8-I

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Diver: Rome wasn't build in a day

[thend] Ed, what do you think of money, credit, etc.

[thend] What will the future hold

* Pele slaps thend around a bit with a large trout

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] I give it all to Pele

[BENt] Ed, if a person or group of persons is encompased by a shifting reality envelope field, might they percieve a 'cool plasma fire' visual/sensation if they don't suffer emotional overload shock. Have any explored potential shifting of numbers of 'awake' people in migrations to other reality states been investigated yet?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] BENt: did you eat breakfast this morning, or take the bus?

[sonic] ed: how much gold should I buy? 1k$? 10k$? 100k$? .5k$? I imagine a little would go a long way in a collapsed economy. Let me rephrase that question -- how much gold do YOU have?

[BENt] I fell on my head!

[Paul_Atreides] BENt: What the hell kind of question is that?!

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: you can't eat gold

[Diver] I know, Rome wasn't. I figure TRV is like learning to read, and mastering Mod1 will be like reading, "run Spot run." I'm ready for a novel!

* Pele laffs and looks for the gold

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Diver: that is the problem with many Americans -- the 'instant gratification' syndrome

* Pele opens the fridge to find only chlorella

[Paul_Atreides] Generally I would think that we are just a tad more supperficial in the U.S.

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] We are the Kings and Queens (Wildfire) of Superficial

[wildfire] HEY! I HEARD THAT

[sonic] The biggest realizatoin about how petty most gringos are is coming back from spending a good deal of time in a third world country. At least here the realy poor people still often/usually have a tv and a car maybe.

[tingting] I have a Q

[Pele] tingting IS selling her tapes - slae price!

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: nothing opens one's (American) eyes more than foreign travel

[tingting] yeh whoever has 150 American there yours

[peapod] ok..has your vcr chewed them up.. ?

[Pele] (u don't really think I'm gonna let u off easy for that one) heh heh

[tingting] no only viwed once :)

[Pele] Dale is doing a good job..

[Diver] Ed, I know your to busy to work with every idiot to buy your tapes. My problems are, I don't think I'm getting the concept. I follow the instructions, I move fast, but my S1, S2, and S3 are always off. My ideograms are off (you told me not to worry on that) I try to guess what in the envelope also. I dont think my mind makes it to the Matrix...

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Diver: if you are trying to "guess the target" -- then you are THINKING! Move faster.

[tingting] Joni I have a Q for you

[Pele] uh oh..

[tingting] no its not bad

[Pele] hehehehe ok..

[wildfire] tape scalper!

[tingting] Besides Remote Viewing Ets what makes you certain they exsist?

* Pele nods

[tingting] I have another Q about RV after that

[Pele] they don't have green cards or they do

[tingting] huh

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] tingting: Because of certain 'field work' that we have participated in.

[tingting] can u explain more?

[Pele] ting..

[tingting] yeh

[tingting] was it with CSeti

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] tingting: of course not

[Pele] what do you define as an alien?

[wildfire] tingting how often do they visit you

[tingting] other beings from other dimensions or planets

[tingting] about as frequent as they visit you WF

[wildfire] oohhh

[tingting] so what kind of fieldwork

[sonic] ed: is there any correlation between RV and telekinesis? I've tried at times with all my might to move something, in all different brain modes, and not even the lightest of matter moves at my command. what gives?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Proprietary fieldwork

[tingting] what did you see?

[BENt] Ed, have any people had their hands overtaken by a strong electric field sensation while rendering, with very accurate independent analog motions while in that state?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: you need a brain enema

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] BENt: what state?

* Pele snickers

[tingting] so Joni did yu actually see something?

[BENt] I'm sorry, it was outside of TRV format.

[Rainfall] warmage ahhhhhhhh

[Pele] RF, is that what you were talking about?

[sonic] what is an electric field sensation? what does an EF have to do with making motion (analog or digital) more accuarate?

[Pele] the guy asking Dale about the asa warmage program

[Rainfall] no Pele but I know of it...those farm boys....grrrrr

[BENt] It seemed as a side effect and related to what appeared as automatic drawing.

[tingting] Ok fine next Q

[Pele] ting..where are your tapes?

[sonic] why do you label "electric field" to the sensation? do you have real electric fields against which to compare the feeling?

[Paul_Atreides] This is good bumper music!

[tingting] Las time I checked Suzie was perched on one :)

[wildfire] hah! those are PIRATE tapes!

[Rainfall] Pele Col Sturdevyant was warmage... not a nice fellow

* Pele flicks her hair

[Pele] ohhhh..

[BENt] There was more in the setting, but it was disconcerting. And yes I have real electric field experiences of the normal reality to relate from.

[tingting] Ok can I ask my next Q

[tingting] shock treatment Bent?

[Pele] what do you think, Ed...ting wants to ask another q.....?

[wildfire] dont do it Ed!! it's a trap!

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] shoot

[Pele] oh noooo..

* Pele glares at ting

[Pele] yea shoot ting

[wildfire] Pele! How violent

* Pele waits with bated breath

[tingting] were the protocals designed so that the viewer would not have complete disclosure of target so certain Secret targets could not be recognized?

[tingting] so the viewer could get data

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Graff and Corruption was what I used to call him

[tingting] but not really know what he was viewing

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] tingting: no

* Pele throws all her rotten moldy tofu at ting

* lilred yells at ting to get ready to duck!

[wildfire] Eww Pele I thought you were saving that for something special

[Pele] hehehehehe!

[tingting] do the monroe tapes actually work?

[Pele] ask Joe Macmoneagle, ting

[tingting] right

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] the protocols are designed (partly) to prevent the viewer from having access to the whole target at once

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] this results in two problems:

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] 1. information flow immediately ceases

[sonic] q: what part of the current trv structure was ingo swann's infamous "discovery?"

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] 2. and/or imagination takes the target completely away

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] sonic: the latter

[sonic] thank you. I've been wondering that for months and months

[tingting] have you ever experienced extreme bilocation?

*** OpusTRV (Opus4TRV@ has joined #Chat1 [sonic] what's the problem with the viewer having more access to the target?

[Diver] Question: My Mod1 sessions are about 5 minutes long. Should they be 45 min, or is that after Mod2?

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] tingting: yes, it is fairly common early in the training process, but disappears as the skill level picks up

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Diver: 8-12 minutes

[tingting] how long does it usually last?

[OpusTRV] Are we graced with Mr Ed tonight?

[sonic] can someone explain exactly what bilocation is and why we do or don't want it in trv? How does it occur, etc?

[OpusTRV] :-) Hi Ed! heh heh

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] hope you are using the term "graced" very loosely

* Pele chuckles

[OpusTRV] loose is the only way to describe me Ed :-)

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] tingting: it is only momentary, perhaps 4-5 seconds, but it is unforgettable

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Hey WF, do you think that we are ever going to score?

[wildfire] I might, but you never will

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] brb

[OpusTRV] ya know, all day long I have sen things in the periphery of my vision , tall things, and when I turn there is nothing there.

[wildfire] that's your guilt, Opus... from all those poor forest creatures

[OpusTRV] Should I see a shrink or simply stop drinking?

[OpusTRV] hahha

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Don't do it!

[Diver] Never stop drinking!

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] NEVER!

[Rainfall] opus that is peripheral overlay

[OpusTRV] WHEW!!! OK ,. I feel much better now , all I needed was a little peer support

[OpusTRV] :-)

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] You will abandon many things, if you do.

[Diver] I quess, I need to build a still. So, I'll be ready for the "out years."

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] It's the only meaningful human activity left.

[Paul_Atreides] Heheh, is there a chlorella brew out there somewhere?]

[OpusTRV] suuure, have a lot of wheat.. some water.. barley if need be.... and chlorela.. " THE BEER THATS GOOD FOR YOU"

[They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM] Soylent Green

[Paul_Atreides] LOL

*** They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM has quit IRC (They_call_me_Doctor_DOOM)

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