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PSI TECH'S Vice President Joni Dourif comments on Dr. Courtney Brown and David Morehouse

. Pele = Joni Dourif

[Pele] CB (Courtney Brown)was a student of PSI TECH in 1993

[YoYo] Chit chatters, like I usually find here ; )

[Pele] he graduated from our 7 day professional development course and started writing his book

* YoYo nods, "Mmm, this much I know"

[Pele] but since UFO's are advanced targets and one needs at least a year practice after the installation of the skills to trust their TRV data on such targets

[Pele] he needed help..

[YoYo] Mmm...

[YoYo] : )

[Pele] so, he asked Ed to be his monitor for the book..

[YoYo] what

[Pele] since he was going to write the book regardless, Ed said O.K. ( for 35% of the royalties)

[Pele] courtney calling us wherever we were & they would do monitoring sessions over the speaker phone...

[Pele] when they were done..

[Pele] Courtney took off and began to "edit" the book..

[YoYo] Really?

[YoYo] 'Edit'?

[YoYo] So, together they both wrote it?

[Pele] but instead he changed everything to fit into his own religious belief (Maharishi)

[Pele] which made the TRV data in inaccurate..

[Pele] so we had a battle with lawyers demanding that he remove our names from the book

[Pele] he was angry because the publishing company reduced the amount of prints they were releasing significantly

[Pele] then he opened an institute, changed the TRV protocols (under the guise of improving them) and taught people who then taught others..

[Pele] this bastardized form of RV that didn't / doesn't work

[Pele] plus, he started lying too..

[Pele] and since Ed publicly had to disclaim him as his graduate..

[Pele] he aligned himself with these other scammers (ie Dave Morehouse) and lame brain Lyn Buchanan - who is also a liar

[YoYo] Dave's a liar?

[Pele] he was kicked out of the military for Rape & grand Larceny and tried to blame it on the short period of time that he was in the RV unit

[YoYo] Actually, he blamed it on his visions, his hallucinations...

[YoYo] The question is, did he have them?

[Pele] yea, probably from all the drugs he was taking..

[Pele] and the booze..

* YoYo nods.., "true.. he was in a mental institution 4 a while..."

[YoYo] Booze?

[Pele] he checked himself in

[Chupy] He was a drug user too?!

* YoYo is amazed @ all the accusations...

[Pele] to escape Court Marshall

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