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June 12 Post Art Bell Interview IRC Chat Log

*BasilFawlty* ok a serious one, have you put anyone on an EEG during the time they do an ideogram, do you see anything strange happen to the brainwave at that point?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] BasilFawlty: not strange, but unique

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] and not just EEG; PET, MRI, NAS etc

*EmptySet* How can we use TRV to remain in communication when the electronic methods whimper out?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I suggest a type of 'bulletin board" -- similar to the internet

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] With various TRV cells posting

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] and keeping track of each other

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] (think about other races -- out there -- also)

*CtrAltDel* i'd like to hear more about project starman and also the false prophet thing, if he cares to elaborate on them any

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] STARMAN deals with teleportation

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] via a technology that belongs to 'others'

*Will* Would you ask ed about 'Blocked' sessions....what the data will look like.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I a blocked session, it is impossible to hit the target.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] no matter what you do

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] and how many times you run a session

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Instead, the viewer ends up with symbology

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Instead of descriptions of physical things

*EmptySet* What food sources will be available aside from worms, and chlorella after the kill shot?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] seaweed

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] and fish

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] and each other

*BasilFawlty* have you ever done sessions on when a sentient computer will made by humans

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] yes

*cubic* Thank Ed for chatting with us.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] it will be a 'box' that is part silicon and part organic

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] and will respond like a puppy

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] at first...

*CtrAltDel* if using a trv 'bulletin board' how would you confirm that you're recieving whats really there, as there would be no physical compenent or feedback outside of trv to compare with?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] You must perfect your skills, now, so that you can trust your work when no feedback is available.

*EmptySet* What can we employ to regain energy sources for working technology?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Train to fight.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] That is a 'spinoff'

that we are hoping to derive from Project STARMAN

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] (why reinvent the wheel)

*cubic* Will humans continue to exist, as we know them, after the other race arrives?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] (if we can obtain environmentally safe energy sources from others)

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Yes, but future generations will be sturdier

*ncj* do you intend to leave earth in the future by any method (other than death)

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Just for awhile.

[Niele] type "/msg halakahiki [your question]" without the quotes and substituting your question for [your question] (of course) to submit a Q

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] "Day trips' so to speak.

*nobody* Question: What is the status of the Amelia Earhart project?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] We have the wreckage narrowed down to a 4-mile diameter area.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] In a place where no one else has looked before.

*CtrAltDel* you said there were soul mates (which i believe) but i remember you saying that there isn't really reincarnation, do you get to be on earth at the same time then as your soul mate, and do you meet up again after this life here? (and is there a way to tell your soulmate apart from everyone else on earth?)

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] First on-site recon is scheduled for early September (barring unforeseen circumstances)

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Together here, and there.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Don't know if it is "forever"

*Will* Does Giza fit into Project Starman at all?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] no

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] not at all

*Bonfire* Why are we so important to the alien race?

*Bonfire* Are they us in the future?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] It would appear that there is a connection, but the spans of time are so great, it is difficult to put all the pieces together, using TRV

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] That is why I want to ask them, personally.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] ergo, the importance of STARMAN

*Will* Have you TRV'd the Giza Plateau? and its monuments function/origin.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] no

*iam* ed, will mammoth low this year?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] not certain, but we did ascertain that it would be the "next North American volcanic eruption"

*cubic* roughly how long will it take us to attain high technology after the kill shot?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] albeit, not a huge one

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] what is "high technology"

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I have seen things that I would label "spiritual technology"

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] That make us look very Neanderthal

*CtrAltDel* do you know/would you care to explain how this teleportation works?

*cubic* high tech as in sentient computers, etc..

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I'll ask them that, when the elevator ride is over.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] A "sentient computer" thinks that we are "high tech"

*Chrisatl* what is on titan that is so spectacular?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] One of the deepest and most spectacular canyons in the solar system.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Almost looks chiseled

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Green rock

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] like olivine

*Ron* Please ask Ed if he has ever entertained the concept that he might be a 21st Century "Moses" leading (teaching) others whom may be the ones to engage the beings face to face in project STARMAN and not he...?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I am the Great Bungholius

[Halakahiki] lol

*ncj* will man and computer merge at some stage

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] don't know

*iam* ed there a end to time and space?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] after my watch

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] ask Steven Hawkins

*heyys* have you trv'ed the doomsday clock?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] What do you call a Mother Superior who has died and gone to heaven?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] (Nun of the above)

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] no

*cubic* will you be able to activate and use the teleportation device before the killshot?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] The 'button' is pushed by 'others'

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] elsewhere

*nobody* What other sanctuary areas do you see besides the ones you've mentioned?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I merely found the open door.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Inside the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland

*Will* At the end of Mod II Ed worked a Historical/Lengendary Artifact, What other Historical/Religious articles have you TRV'd? Anything comclusive or all strictly legend/myth?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] The Grail sessions also produce a physical object. The Ark of the Covenant always does.

*EmptySet* is the mind (matrix) analagous to a neuron in a "metta-mind"?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Noah's Ark, also (in a sealed cave in present-day Jordan, undiscovered)

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] meta

*iam* i live in phoenix...the weathers cool this the beginning of the weather shifts?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Our personal 'minds" are part of a monad

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] You better believe it -- we will no longer be able to grow food crops as we have done, in the past.

*Chrisatl* how do you explain the predictions of scallion/toye floods/pole shifts with your suggestions to seek a cave if in fact they will be flooded? even in their maps, hawaii/polynesia is under water.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I have no data that corroborates Scallion

*cubic* when the other race arrives, will they be here to help us or for their own purposes? Do you have a name for this race?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] They are 'recolonists' -- humans

*ncj* the grail session you did on the tape looked like the stargate, was it?

*Will* Is the Ark a blocked or monitored item?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] no, it was symbolic data -- no physicality at all

*CtrAltDel* did you ever trv who wrote the old testament?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] As opposed to other Grail sessions, where an actual artifact (physical) was describe. Both ideas (physical & metaphysical) are embedded in the Matrix.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I have observed Ark sessions that were blocked.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] And some that were not.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Did not work the Old Testament.

*Will* Forgive the lack of clarity I The Ark you mentioned in the cave. Some think it is power source of some sort. That is Why I asked. Thanks Ed.

*nobody* When do you see the economy going down?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Noah's Ark ] cave in Jordan

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Ark of the Covenant, someplace else.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] right now

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Japan is going down.

*Bonfire* Is there more than one matrix? If so, what exactly does that mean?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] the penultimate domino -- we're next

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] It means, "did you eat breakfast this morning, or take the bus"

*iam* did Art ever agree for you to look for his safe area? he cut you off...SEEMED A BIT NERVOUS

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] He knows where I will be.

*cubic* will the purpose of the recolonists be to reinvigorate the human gene pool or even more than that?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] He doesn't want to appear selfish to his listeners.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] No, to teach us, and to help us rebuild.


[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] personal decision.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] (I own no gold)

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] (nor cash)

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] all my $ is in equipment

*Niele* Ed, do you have any preformed plan on teaching the advanced techniques online?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Wildfire is preparing a separate classroom (BB) to do that.

*ncj* do you think the ark could be some sort of alien radio/communication device, have you ever had radioactivity associated with it

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] No. But, at one time in it's history, it was "guarded" by a class of Angels that were specialized.

*CtrAltDel* all of this coming doom, do you know if it is something we have brought upon ourselves, something that is being done to us, or something that is just naturally occurring?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] ... some sort of 'warrior' class

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] I thought that they were "demons" -- but was wrong.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Don't really know --- it's all rock and roll to me.

*EmptySet* will there be a mod III?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Need to split soon, got a plane to catch, in a few hours...

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Nope. Advanced skills to be taught online.

*cartman* tell me all you can about the false prophet... thanks ed

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Bad news....a 'thing' masquerading as a human.

*CtrAltDel* time travel, you said that the big explosion in russia in 1918(?) was the result of time travel accident, if there is time travel, why isn't our timeline being screwed up all the time?

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] Maybe it is -- how would you know differently -- except through strange dreams.

*cubic* will humans ever (re)colonize Mars or is it off limits to us?

*cubic* Thanks again for chatting with us Ed.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] We are going to have to learn how to be good wards of our own planet, before getting the opportunity to trash another world.

*ncj* where does evil dwell, is it part of the matrix or a competing matrix formation

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] It is a field effect -- part of all of us.

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] gotta matter where you go, there I am...

[They_call_me_DR_DOOM] best to all.

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