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June 2 PSI TECH IRC Chat Log

*** They_call_me_Dr_DOOM has joined #chat1

[HomunculiBot] Welcome's They_call_me_Dr_DOOM to PSI TECH chat!

[Pele] now ask your TRV q's ..

[Pele] while he's here..

[nobody] what is the meaning of life?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Here it is: Did you eat breakfast this morning...or take the bus?

[Niele] what if you walked and had brunch?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] That is the meaning of death

[Niele] (because you missed the bus in the first place)

[Chupy] Ed, are you aware of any uses of TRV to make advances in the application of theoretical physics to practical devices?

[Niele] no the IRS is the meaning of death

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Chupy: yes

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] In fact, I worked with Hal Puthoff on ZPE engineering

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] (zero point energy)

[Chupy] So is that truly a valid and workable theory?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] I believe, in fact, that unitil and unless we have a non-destructive, plentiful energy source, there is no hope for rebuilding our culture (after it collapses).

[Chupy] I have read some about it and it seems pretty out there.

[Chupy] Jesus!

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] No, it is valid. Check out Physical Review Abstracts

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] and other august journals

[nobody] Dr what do you think about the Y2K situation? Have you viewed it?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] I have also employed TRV in support of new deep space propulsoin systems.

[Chupy] What would prevent us though from simply coming back to the same situation we are in now, eventually, after it collapses?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Nobody: no

[Chupy] Oh really?!

[Niele] deep space porpoises?

[Chupy] Deep space propulsion, what have you gotten with that work?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Chupy: we may, in spite of our (new)selves -- we absolutely will, without new forms of energy that are safe and environmentally nondestructive.

[EmptySet] When should I quit my job and school to devote my time to TRVing techniques to save my life?

[Niele] will we still have SPAM?

[nobody] pork out on it wild

* Pele slaps Niele around a bit with a large trout

[Niele] I think SPAM is a universal constant

[Niele] like dark matter

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] EmptySet: saving your life (and your loved ones) will mean identifying a 'sanctuary.'

[EmptySet] This is possible through the proper employment of mod 2 tech. right?

[HomunculiBot] Please check the Products page for Tape info!

[Chupy] I thought that as well, that without a cheap, efficient, safe form of energy production we'd remain very limited.

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] NO! Universal constant is SLACK

[Chupy] Ain't THAT the truth!

*** HomunculiBot has quit IRC (Leaving)

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] EmptySet: See BB, Special Projects section

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] for an excellent example of such a location

[Chupy] Ed, have you TRVed cold fusion at all as a possible new technology?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] no

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] We have a plan.

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] It is part of Project STARMAN

[Chupy] Heheh, that is fantastic!

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] We trade our women...for their energy sources.

[Chupy] Ahhh! Brilliant!

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] yep

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] If I say so myself.

* monkrel pushes rosie odonnel on the first UFO that lands..

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] not that one

[nobody] how about leona helmsley?

[Chupy] Absolutely brilliant! Well that's it, we're saved.

[EmptySet] When electronic comm. breaks down, what methods can TRV employ to keep people in real-time communication?

[Chupy] No no, Janet Reno.

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Real time is difficult -- my concept is of a 'Matrix BB'

[Chupy] See what we do is threaten to sick Janet Reno after them if they DON'T give up their goods.

[EmptySet] Are there seperate protocols for this type of comm?

[monkrel] they wont accept janet reno.. they fear her.. she might drive over them with tanks and firebomb them

[nobody] any volunteers?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] EmptySet: has not been set up...I was hoping that some of the TRV tape students would develop it...I do not have the time.

[EmptySet] I'll try...

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Good...I'll assist.

[Chupy] That'd very interesting.

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Yes, a Matrix version of the Web (as above,, so below)

[nobody] will this version have a whiners section?

[Chupy] Ed, how close do you think we are to being able to use ZPE practically?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Chupy: we will not make it...

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] time is up

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] our time is up

[Chupy] But how will we be able to rebuild anything then if we can't going with this?

[Chupy] er, get going

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] STARMAN

[Chupy] And you plan to directly contact alien life?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] a 'spinoff' from the success of that project

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] in progress...

[Chupy] Basically though we are going to truly need alien technology in order to get back on our feet?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Chupy: why reinvent the wheel

[Chupy] Well, we wouldn't really want to get back to how we are doing right now exactly begin to make progress again...

[squeaky] chupy u belive in aliens?

[Chupy] I don't know what to think about them.

[Chupy] I hopeful that I will be able to verify the answer to that with TRV.

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] What you mean, "we"

[Chupy] Assuming I ever make it beyond module one of course:)

[Chupy] Well, the state of human civilization as it exists now.

[EmptySet] Could some party of TRV'rs RV some agreed apon constant (Idea) that has been given properties by others within the party, such that a routine RV of the idea would reveal those properties, in otherwords, the idea serves as a communication channel, and the properties as the idea(s) being communicated

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] That is essentially what ARV (associative remote viewing) seeks to do.

[EmptySet] Where could i find more info on ARV?

[Nanook_of_the_north] Associative Romote Viewing? Who began that?

[Nostradumbass] how can we TRV to get rich?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Research "the old days" in the labs

[Nostradumbass] ARV is ancient stuff...

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] yes, not very dependable -- that doesn't mean that it can't be made to work

[Nostradumbass] double negative (cough)

[Chupy] LOL

[Nostradumbass] not to be too pedantic

* Nostradumbass hides

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] mind over matter...if you don't mind, it doesn't matter

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] double entendre

[Chupy] Hehe

[Chupy] Touche

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Douche

[Edgar_Cayce] or anti-matter?

[Chupy] LOL!

[EmptySet] How was Berkely (as a school?)

[EmptySet] reccomendable?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Exhillarating

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Yes...are you referring to math?

[EmptySet] I suppose...

*** Visitor is now known as The_Punisher

[Jean_Dixon] Linda molting cow is verifying an alien film that the GOVERNMENT has..

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] the math grad dept is one of the very best

[Nostradumbass] the guvmint doesnt know jack about UFOS

[monkrel] oh if linda says must be true then :P~vomit...

[Edgar_Cayce] does it add up?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] (my friend -- and birdwatching companion -- one of the world's leaders in monte carlo theory, obtained his doctorate there

[Nostradumbass] Thankfully, UFOS don't exist.

[Edgar_Cayce] and neither do aliens?

[The_Punisher] Someone should put together a compilation of all these government films and let hollywood have a field day with them. I can see it now ... Government secrets XXIII

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] EmptySet: are you a student?

[Nostradumbass] its a pakagedeal

[EmptySet] Of manny things...

[Nostradumbass] package deal

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Punisher: you do not want to know

[The_Punisher] I already know all I have to

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] ES: I mean, traditional academia

[EmptySet] yes, mathematics

[Chupy] What is their physics department like?

[Edgar_Cayce] very physical?

[monkrel] Dr_Doom, I did a TRV session.. where I was in terror..and during the session.. my hair stood up on end....and I could barely hold the pen..

[The_Punisher] I think most people would go mental if they knew the truth (Brookings Institute Report)

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Punisher: I once stopped a test of a new type of (US) strategic weapon, that would have done irreparable damage to the Earth's atmosphere.

[monkrel] and i opened the envelope..and the target was... my future wedding...... does that sound about right?

[Jean_Dixon] tell him what the target was, monkey

[Chupy] I'm a physics student.

[Edgar_Cayce] let me sleep on that...

[Jean_Dixon] heheh!

[The_Punisher] Dr. Doom, my children and I thank you, but it may already be too late at any arte

[Edgar_Cayce] physical, I wanna get physicall

[Edgar_Cayce] where have i heard that before?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] monkrel: yes, same thing happened to me when my blind target was "Ed's worst nightmare" -- and I described the rest of my life with Pele.

[monkrel] oh ok..

[The_Punisher] Anyone hear Ghostwolf's seven thunders the other night?

* Edgar_Cayce ducks

[EmptySet] Have any interesting theories you would like to share, Chupy?

* Chupy snickers.

[Nostradumbass] Dr. Doom, when will tragetories be taught?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] After geographic location.

[Nostradumbass] and other S6 things

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] skills

[Edgar_Cayce] oh sexy things?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Geographic location skills are next.

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] stay tuned

[Chupy] I am neither qualified nor well versed enough to speak in detail on that, EmptySet.

[paulr] hey cool! art's wearing a southpark tee shirt!

*** The_Punisher is now known as Visitor

[monkrel] no way

* Jean_Dixon thinks Doom is a masochist

[EmptySet] Nor am I, all my work is still in notes...

[Chupy] Heheh

[Nostradumbass] when u get a chance Dr. Doom:

[Nostradumbass] a very cool session

[duckie] yeah!!!!!!

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] whose?

[Nostradumbass] mine

[Chupy] In notes, are you a physicist, EmptySet?

[Jean_Dixon] I hear Bessy the goat is available, Doom

* duckie gloats on her target (squeakys session)

[duckie] :o)))

[Chupy] Huh, goats?!

[Nostradumbass] I also tried a target geometry session.

[EmptySet] No, but I have many theories on physics, mathematics, communication, and others...

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] what was the target?

[Edgar_Cayce] what, no ducks?

[Visitor] What about "sacred geometry" EmptySet?

[Nostradumbass] the target geometry session was on the object in my IT from my venus sesison

[Chupy] Ed, generally what kind of results have you gotten with deep space propulsion?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Oh, per my suggestion.

[Nostradumbass] Si.

[EmptySet] No

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Chupy: it was an actual contract (see background in BB -- "Advanced Deep Space Propulsion Systems")

* Jean_Dixon wonders what and WHO is in Dooms OT...

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Linda Howe is a great field worker...but soooooo gullible

[Nostradumbass] hehhee yeah

[monkrel] she started that jack shulman ACC thing...

* Jean_Dixon crosses her arms

[monkrel] believing him..when he said that a military satellite faxed him a help notice.. roflmao

[Visitor] Dr. Doom, have you ever experienced any "barriers" or "boundaries" with RV which may have been purposely placed there by a higher intelligence or power?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] I tried my best to straighten her our and warn her, but she has the "will not to believe" (as we used to say at the CIA)

[Nostradumbass] nite duckie

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Visitor: like I have said, on many occasions, yes ... by Angels

[Nostradumbass] are angels and midwayers seperate species?

[paulr] it's the many deaths of kenny!

[Visitor] Would I be safe in saying that these "barriers" have a time-line associated with them?

[EmptySet] How's the Sun holding, Ed?

* Jean_Dixon clutches her sun umbrella

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Solar wind is picking up

[Nostradumbass] hows North Korea holding up?

* Edgar_Cayce gets sun tanned

[Jean_Dixon] the UV index was 10 in Las vegas today & 9 in Los Angeles

[Visitor] Folks in S.D. would say that wind in general is picking up

[Edgar_Cayce] smashing!

[Chupy] North Korea is looking pretty non-active.

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] GOES-8/9 last week: 1 high energy hit per square centimeter of spacecraft surface/second...this week, 1,000,000 hits per second

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] average

[Visitor] It would appear that your claims about the jetstream have been right on the money, Dr. Doom, please accept my humble admiration

*** Jean_Dixon is now known as MotherShipton

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Sorry, I only accept 'admiration' in the form of high quality beer.

[EmptySet] Jesus...

[Chupy] LOL

[Visitor] What kind of beer?

[paulr] I didn't know you guys HAD high quality beer :)

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] German

[Edgar_Cayce] stroh's?

[Visitor] Canadian beer, obviously

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] no US junk

[MotherShipton] hehe Pauls in new Zealand

[Chupy] Heheh, yep

[Visitor] How about Beck's

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] no

[Nostradumbass] how accurate are orreries?

[Edgar_Cayce] oh, a COOR

[Visitor] Heiniken

[Edgar_Cayce] 's lover!

[Chupy] Yeah, I wanted to ask about orreries...

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] see my comments re. that in the TRV FAQ section

* MotherShipton rolls her eyes and predicts gloom in dooms future with beer

[Chupy] Heheh

[Edgar_Cayce] what will you do without beer Dr?

[monkrel] how will we get our beer in the future.. will starman assist?

[Nostradumbass] I have a print out of it in front of me

[Edgar_Cayce] when it all collapses?

[Chupy] Can Chlorella be distilled?

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] Believe me, I'll figure something out

[Visitor] Pond scum ferments very nicely

[Edgar_Cayce] fermented chlorella?

[Chupy] Yes, fermented.

* monkrel pushes away the fermented chlorella and takes the unwanted u.s. beer now..

* MotherShipton admitts everyone to the Betty Ford center

[Edgar_Cayce] somethings brewing...

[They_call_me_Dr_DOOM] got to go...

[Chupy] Damn!

[MotherShipton] HA!

*** They_call_me_Dr_DOOM has quit IRC

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