This site is dedicated to PSI TECH's Technical Remote Viewing TM - a teachable skill which allows anyone to access the collective unconscious and retrieve data more accurately than the greatest untrained natural psychics.

It is not an "experience" but a powerful tool which allows you to obtain accurate data on people, objects, places and events in the past present and future.

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An Astropod Module One Training Session

An Astropod Module Two Training Session

Joni Dourif's UPN News Demo TRV session

RealVideo clip of the UPN news story on the above session

Verde's TRV Page

Squeaky's TRV Page

Astropod's Target Practice Page - Module One and Two Targets

PSI TECH's Media Page - View Streaming RealVideo of PSI TECH related news clips and previews of the TRV Modules.

Art Bell - The Art Bell Web Site. Art Bell Archives - Listen to Art Bell live and hear past programs.

RealNetworks - Download RealPlayer 5.0 or G2 Beta to hear and see the above media links.

Ingo Letter (1) - NEW A letter Ingo Swann sent to Ed Dames.

Ingo Letter (2) - A letter from Ingo Swann regarding PSI TECH's Major Ed Dames.

TREAT IV - TREAT IV Workshop Transcript March 9, 1992.

Major General Albert Stubblebine - Lecture on Remote Viewing as a Research Tool.

"Will the Real Lyn Buchanan Please Sit Down" - 1996 Response to Net Gossip by Ed Dames.

PSI TECH's VP Joni Dourif comments on Courtney Brown and David Morehouse

The Truth About Dave Morehouse and Psychic Warrior - By Jim Schnabel

A Review of Psychic Warrior - By John B. Alexander, Ph.D., Colonel, US Army (Retired)

Ed Dames Chat Log #1

Ed Dames Chat Log #2 - November 26, 1997

Ed Dames Chat Log #3 - March 5, 1998

Ed Dames Chat Log #4 - June 2, 1998

Ed Dames Chat Log #5 - June 12, 1998

Stage Six Notes - June 12, 1998

PSI TECH - PSI TECH's Official Web Site.

PSI TECH BB - PSI TECH's Bulletin Board.

Superpowers of the Human Biomind - Ingo Swann's (Father of RV) Web Site.

P.E.A.R - Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research.

Inner Explorations - Dale Graff's Site.

Cognitive Sciences Laboratory

The Monroe Institute - Promoting the evolution of human consciousness.

Koestler Parapsychology Unit - At the University of Edinburgh.

Miracles of Mind - by Russell Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D.

Remote Viewers' Store - German Site.

Sun Chlorella - Get some Chlorella Tablets YUM YUM :.

Secure Future Food & Supplies - Nitrogen Packed for Long-term Storage.

Imperial Military Surplus - Surplus goods.

Earthship.Org - Completely Independent Globally Oriented Dwelling Unit.

GEO-LITE Systems - The Geo-Lite Ecolodge Dwelling.

Dewey Research Center - Provides Hard-to-Find Items for Emergency Preparedness.

Safe-T-Tabs - Chewable tablets - Emergency Survival Food.

Captain Dave's Survival Center - Survival News and Information.

American Family Network - Food, Water, Health and Survival products.

Collins Survival Supply - Food, Shelter-heat, and the accessories needed to survive.

Frugal Squirrels Home Page - "For Patriots, Survivalists and Gun Owners."

Ready Reserve Foods - Dehydrated Foods

Emergency Food Bars - Compact, Fortified, Efficient Baked Survival Food Ration

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